We have one of the largest selection of teas on PEI.  We also do AMAZING Tea and Matcha Lattes!

Teas – $4.40 per single pot,  $6.50 – $7.50 per shared pot

Earl Grey Bravo Black

is a traditional blend of Ceylon tea flavoured with bergamot, orange peels, and blue cornflowers. Truly one of the best Earl Grey teas we have every tasted.

Irish Breakfast

a hearty blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka. Spicy and jammy aromas.

Black Dragon Pearls

a rare, hand-rolled black tea from Yunnan province, comprised of only the highest quality leaves and buds.

Masala Chai

made from a black tea base, flavoured with cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. It has a spicy warm finish.

Chocolate Chai

A delicious blend of dark chocolate and chai

Peach Oolong

a fruity Taiwanese oolong paired with succulent peach. Fragrant, sweet, and smooth.

Grapefruit Oolong

is a zesty and warming Taiwanese oolong with a grapefruit flavor that compliments its slightly dry finish.

Sencha Green

is a classic steamed green tea from Shizuoka, Japan. Crisp and clean, refreshing, sweet, and delicate.

Gunpowder Green

is a classic green tea from Zhejiang province, China. It is made of tea leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. Full-bodied with a hint of smokiness.

Matcha – Plain, Peach and Blueberry

a traditional Japanese green tea. Matcha is a finely ground powder, that is whisked with water for a frothy cup to sip. This is an exceptionally strong cup of green tea.

Dewy Cherry Herbal

is perfectly sweet and tart. Made with rose hips, apple pieces, and dried cherries. We use this very popular herbal as the base for our Cherry Flip Iced Teas.


is from the Mediterranean, though it grows well on PEI too! It has lovely cool, crisp aroma and fresh flavour. This is an exceptionally good quality, pure peppermint tea.

Honeybush Orange

an herbal that combines the toasty sweet honeybush herb with fresh-squeezed orange notes. Really worth a taste if you’ve never tried it before.

Honeybush Banana Nut

an herbal that combines the toasty sweet honeybush herb with banana and results in a warm muffing hug of a cup of tea.  A local favourite!

Lemongrass Ginger

zesty and uplifting blended with peppermint and licorice root

Turmeric Bliss

juicy fruitiness balanced with the earthiness of turmeric and enlivened with ginger and peppercorn. Delicious and good for you!

And so many more….